Words Affect Our Pain

The words and phrases we use to tell our pain stories can be powerful. Some words sound dangerous like “degeneration” and “wear and tear”, “bone on bone” and “crumbling”.

But words can also sound safe like “soothe” and “ease.”

Focusing on healthy words and cleaning up our language can be powerful. In fact they can help release “happy hormones” which are our bodies natural pain killers… so our words can impact directly on our pain!

If you do need some new words to think about with movement consider some of the following phrases;

  • I am sore but safe
  • Pace it, don’t race it

 Or some of our favourites;

  • Motion is Lotion
  • Movement is Medicine

Interesting fact – when people with back pain are shown scans of their backs and “normal age related changes” are described by their clinicians as “degeneration” it can worsen back pain.

Words are powerful!

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