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Core Gymball and cardio class sizes are kept small to enable us to cater for a wide range of abilities within our session.

All Core Gymball clients benefit from the expertise of a fully qualified and experienced physiotherapist running every session. Core Gymball Physiotherapists adjust the exercises to individuals needs, give handy tips on posture, strength and stretches and can ensure that exercises are always done with the best technique so that every client gets the most for their body from each session. 

Core Gymball sessions are a mix of clients from those who may simply be looking to improve their general strength and flexibility, to those with specific injuries to athletes and pregnant women keen to improve their core strength.

Core Gymball classes cater for people who are looking to improve:

  • General strength and flexibility
  • Back and neck pain
  • Core strength
  • Recovery time following injuries and surgery

Core Gymball classes are an excellent program for pregnant and post-natal women. Core Gymball have three experienced women’s health physiotherapists as part of our team to safely guide pregnant patients through their classes with expertise.

Core Cardio classes are a more intense workout to build fitness in a safe, physio guided class. This session is perfect for those who want to improve their fitness, lose weight and build strength. This class caters for those who are returning to exercise after a break, juggling injuries or people who want the expertise and guidance of a fully qualified physiotherapist for their cardio session.

Bookings are essential for all classes and at the time of booking we will strive to line you up with the most appropriate class for your needs.

Why are group physiotherapy sessions ideal? Research shows group class have many benefits which include;

–      Better attendance than individual sessions

–       More variety in your workout than if done individually

–       More enjoyable

–       Higher endorphin output

–       Fitness goals are achieved faster in classes due to more regular attendance

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