What do our classes involve?

CORE Gymball

CORE Gymball sessions focus on strengthening and stretching under the close guidance of our physiotherapists. The session involves a mix of gymball and mat type exercises. Research shows that core stability improves twice as fast when working on an unstable object like a gymball – so the classes do a mix of gymball work and mat work to ensure you get the best results from your sessions. A variety of resistance bands, weights, gymballs, rollers and exercises are used to challenge the varying abilities. Session numbers are restricted with an average of only 6-8 people per session. This ensures the physiotherapists can cater for all levels in the group, from people who are returning to exercise after a long break or injury, to those who have problems with ongoing back or neck pain. Your exercises are progressed as you get stronger, and can challenge even the strongest of abdominal muscles. Don’t worry if you are new to using a gymball – there are lots of ways to make it easier. Bookings are essential as session numbers are strictly limited to ensure we can provide our high standard of individualised care.

CORE Cardio

CORE Cardio sessions are also run by physiotherapists and are designed to get the heart rate up and get you fitter and stronger in a well-supervised setting catering for injuries and individuals needs. The session involves core strengthening, boxing, light-weights and strength work. These sessions are designed to accommodate for any existing injuries and help you strengthen in a safe, small group setting. This group physio session is perfect if you have injuries which may have inhibited your return to exercise or are returning to exercise after childbirth. Our physiotherapists can guide you safely with return to fitness, good core strength and full function. Once again, bookings are essential as session numbers are strictly limited to ensure our physiotherapists can individually cater for each clients needs.

Core Gymball Classes
Core Gymball Classes
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