When Work Becomes a Pain in the Neck!

As we return to work for the New Year our time sitting and working on computers increases dramatically and so too can neck discomfort. Here are 5 great tips to help reduce neck pain and tightness with long work days.

1.     Check your computer set up at work. A great work set up with correct chair height, screen position and key board position can ensure we minimise stress on neck and shoulder muscles. For some tips on laptop set up check out this blog post

2.     Take a stroll at lunchtime. Get those arms swinging, watch the passing by traffic and don’t take your phone – give that neck a break from being on the phone or looking down at a screen!

3.     Stretch in your chair. If you are sitting for longer periods take a few seconds to stretch in your chair – do a few chin tucks (make the biggest double chin you can!), look over each shoulder and down to the floor, spin your whole trunk to grab the back of your chair and stretch that spine. Our bodies love movement so any little “wiggle and giggles” you can do in your chair are a bonus.

4.     Limit your mobile phone time use. It is a lot of load on our necks looking down at our mobile phones. Avoid using your phone for long emails, try to use your desktop computer instead.

5.     Lastly, don’t forget to stay hydrated in these warmer summer months. As work and life gets busier in January it is super easy to forget to drink and headaches are often a side effect of poor fluid intake.

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