3 mins with Physio Natasha

Why did you become a physiotherapist?

I was keen to work with helping people recover and stay healthy. I also strongly considered studying medicine or becoming a vet, but I knew I would be happiest working with helping people stay well and healthy rather than mainly treating sick people.

Core Gymball is the perfect work environment for me. I get to assist people recover from injuries and maintain excellent movement patterns, stay strong and flexible and pain free. I am so lucky to love my work.

In 3 lines tell us a bit about yourself.

I am lucky to be a Mum of 3 beautiful children; Jack, Hayley and Tara.

I love to be fit and healthy and enjoy swimming and bike riding.

I enjoy cooking, gardening and am blessed to have an awesome family.

What career would you have pursued if you didn’t study physiotherapy?

I considered vet science, medicine and landscape gardening, but physio was my number 1 choice.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I love tending to my garden and vegetable patch. In spring it gives me so much joy to harvest fresh, home grown fruits and vegetables for my family.

I love being outdoors and enjoy squeezing in a swim or bike training session. My favourite type of holiday is relaxing in nature – be it camping or by the beach.

What is your favourite exercise to do with your Core Gymball class?

The “Sunrise stretch” has to be my favourite stretch at the moment. A good physio friend showed me this one a while ago and it is lovely for opening up through the side line, rotating through the thoracic spine and creating a lovely chest opening stretch. I do it with almost every class I run.

Tell us something that no one would know about you?

Hmmm I play the flute and I am good at juggling?!!

What is your favourite food / meal?

I love my smoothies and make one most days of the week. I throw in so much goodness. I often do a mix of bananas, berries, chia seeds, milk kefir, ice, skim milk and baby spinach. I use my home made milk kefir which is so good for gut health but this is the only way I can actually get it down!! Smoothies are such an easy way to get lots of goodness into a super busy day.

If you could give your Core Gymball clients one tip for staying healthy what would it be?

Make sleep a priority. Without sleep, life it hard. If we get enough sleep we feel so much better and it is easier to eat well, exercise well and work well. Life is really great when you are well rested.

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