Fixing Hip Pain

Did you know the hip is the largest joint in our body? And it is a complicated joint as it needs to allow lots of movement whilst supporting our body weight.

Hips can be achy and cause pain not only with walking and standing but also sleeping. There are many causes of hip pain but many of these can benefit from better muscle activation, attention to your posture and improving movement patterns, balance and core strength.

This term at Core Gymball will be all about strengthening hips and improving posture and balance. Our goal will be to help strengthen the muscles around the hip and assist reducing pain in those that suffer.

Erica has attended gymball for many years and recently had hip replacement surgery for degeneration within the hip joint. Erica commented,

“I can’t believe how much Core Gymball has helped with my hip replacement surgery. The doctors, nurses and physios can’t believe how well I’ve progressed and I put it all down to the wonderful classes and the awesome team of physios at Core Gymball”

This term promises to be a beneficial term also for those who wish to improve their balance. Principal physiotherapist Natasha O’Brien commented “When strengthening the muscles around the hip we also naturally work on stability around the hip joint and balance improves as a result. The research shows us that balance is trainable but as we get older we tend to practice less as we are no longer climbing trees, riding bikes and balancing along fences.”

For more information on Core Gymball physiotherapist run classes click here, email us or call 0438 448 738 / 9545 0134.

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