3 mins with Physio Miriam

What do you love most about being a physio?

I love working with people. As a physiotherapist running Core Gymball classes I enjoy helping people to achieve their health and fitness goals and I get great satisfaction watching people progress with their strength work.

I find it rewarding helping people recover from injuries and watching them return to full strength and function. I also enjoy assisting those preparing for upcoming surgeries (such as hip and knee replacements) to stay fit and strong.

In 3 lines tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m a busy Mum of 5 children – including 2 sets of twins. They ensure I have very little spare time!

In the little spare time I do get, I love to read. I enjoy autobiographies and a wide variety of books. I also enjoy cooking for the family and my personal favourite is spag bowl – always a big hit with the whole family and there is nothing better, as a Mum, than preparing a meal that everyone actually eats!

And I enjoy entertaining friends and family.

What career would you have pursued if you didn’t do physio?

I think probably pharmacy. I always wanted to help people, and pharmacists just do this in a different way.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Reading – and I also love going on adventures. I enjoying hiking, camping and I even went sky diving a few years ago which was fantastic and an incredible experience.

What goals do you have for your classes?

I am always talking to my classes about progressing their strength work. I try really hard to encourage my classes to push themselves to improve and gradually progress their weights. As a physiotherapist I recognise how important maintaining muscle bulk is, especially as we age, and to improve muscle strength we do need to push ourselves outside our comfort zone.

If you could give your clients one tip for staying healthy what would it be?

Move more! Keeping moving, keeping strong and flexible, and staying regular with your exercise is essential. Our bodies are happiest when they are moving well.

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