How Heel Pain & Headaches Are Linked

heel-pain-and-headachesDo you get tight hamstrings? Heel pain or plantar fasciitis? Lower back stiffness? Headaches? Calf tightness or achilles tendonitis? Interestingly, all these areas are connected by fascia. The connection that links these areas is called the Superficial Back Line or SBL and is the focus area for Core Gymball classes this term.

The SBL runs from the plantar fascia (bottom of the feet) to the achilles tendon, calf, hamstring, sacral ligament, thoracolumbar facia, thoracic spine up to the cervical paraspinals and over the head. In other words there is a physical connection from your toes to your eye brows!

The function of this line is to bring the body into an erect an upright position and to help hold us in good posture. Dysfunctions in the SBL can lead to the many different injuries described above and generalised weakness that can perpetuate dysfunctions in other regions of the body.

This term in Core Gymball we are working through this SBL to identify areas of tightness, learn how to release the areas of tightness and to ensure good movement and function through this supportive SBL.

To learn more about the SBL join the Core Gymball physiotherapists in our classes this term. For more information please call physio Natasha on 0438 448 738 or email us here.

Plantar Fasciitis Tip

The plantar fascia can get tight and create heel pain. A good tip is to start releasing this fascia with a firm rubber ball and work from the base of your toes to the tip of your heel for a few minutes a day. Work through the band of fascia pictured below – it is one of those “good pains”, once finished you can feel the feet moving better and the fascia unloaded.



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