5 Tips to Perfect Posture

Perfect posture can make us look taller, slimmer and more confident. It also helps reduce neck and shoulder pain, reduce lower back pain, improve the activation of our core muscles and pelvic floor and it actually makes us look younger. Here are 5 great tips from the physiotherapy team at Core Gymball to help us improve our posture.

  1. Sit tall, but not too tall. Did you know you can be “too tall” and this can make muscles and joints ache? To test you aren’t too tall take a deep breathe in. In the correct posture this is easy, when over tall it is hard to fully expand the rib cage for a deep breath.
  2. Sit on a gymball for short periods each day. The gymball is ideal for activating those deep core muscles as it is almost impossible not to sit in perfect posture on a gymball. Try using a gymball when working or watching TV. Just ensure you don’t cheat by wedging the ball against a wall or bracing it with your feet. Your correct height ball will mean your hips are just higher than your knees when sitting on it.
  3. Take regular short breaks from sitting. We can’t sit perfectly tall for 10 hours a day. If you are in a job that requires long periods of time sitting take short breaks and move about. Even 1-2 mins of walking around the office stretches the legs, improves circulation and helps us prevent tightening of hamstrings.
  4. Ensure good work station set up. Make sure your computer is set up correctly with the computer right in front of you, the screen at eye level, your forearms well supported and your feet flat on the floor. Remember it is impossible to get perfect posture with a laptop so attach a keyboard so you can elevate your computer to the appropriate height if working on it for prolonged periods of time.
  5. Stay strong. Did you know our spine bones alone can only hold up ½ kilo before they collapse? Our muscles are vital to support our spine and maintain good upright posture. The best classes to strengthen postural muscles are core stability classes, ideally instructed by physiotherapists who can assist with professionally guided strength training progression. Using weights and body resistance exercises to strengthen your upper body and spine will make perfect posture a reality so you can enjoy looking younger and thinner and feeling fantastic.

Natasha O’Brien, Founder and Principal Physiotherapist of Core Gymball, Menai.
www.coregymball.com. 9545 0134.

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