The Core Gymball Story

We often get asked about how Core Gymball started … where these amazing classes began. Here is our story.

Core Gymball classes started in September 2004. After working as a physiotherapist for many years Natasha O’Brien saw a widespread need in our community for well supervised, small group classes. Natasha treated many people who she believed could be pain-free if they could strengthen their core and increase their flexibility through regular, supervised classes. She believed if these clients were in an enjoyable group environment that compliance would be higher than if they were simply exercising at home and that they would no longer depend on regular treatments, massages and medications to keep the pain away.

Core Gymball classes were born in Menai Community Centre. They began with 3 classes a week. The results were very satisfied clients who quickly helped spread the word!

Over the last decade Core Gymball has grown from delivering three classes a week running out of the Menai Community Centre to 18 classes run by a team of six physiotherapists out of a dedicated studio in Menai. Core Gymball continues to offer core stability sessions using resistance bands, weights, rollers and, of course, gymballs to strengthen, stabilise and stretch core muscles. Core Gymball also offers physiotherapist-run cardio classes for those wanting a higher paced workout still under the experienced guidance of a professional physiotherapist.

The Core Gymball team have stuck by our commitment to keep small class sizes and to only employ qualified physiotherapists as there instructors. They have developed and refined their programs over the last 10 years and look forward to continuing to grow their story and provide the highest level of care for many more clients for many years to come.

For enquiries please don’t hesitate to call physiotherapist Natasha directly on 0438 448 738.

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