Need Core Strength?

It seems that everyone these days is crazy for core training. You see people in gyms balancing on big balls, others flocking to pilates classes and yoga sessions, all with the aim of strengthening their ‘core’. The truth is, this is one fitness bandwagon that may just be worth jumping on, but be wary, there is a huge public misconception on what the ‘core’ actually is.

When people are talking about training their ‘core’ many believe it is abdominal crunches, plank holds, sucking in their belly button or sit ups on the floor. Did you know that sit ups actually don’t strengthen the deep abdominal muscles? And in fact hard abdominal training, like too many plank holds, can make back pain worse? Many people also don’t think to train their pelvic floor, a key component of our core strength.

Recent research has shown the importance of strengthening our core muscles, these are the deep muscles around our back, tummy and pelvis, in order to prevent back pain, reduce back ache, improve athletic performance and flatten the tummy. Good core training focuses on training those small stabilisers by learning to activate our deepest abdominals. More and more evidence is suggesting that failing to strengthen the proper core muscles is one of the reasons we develop ongoing back pain. If however these core muscles are properly restrengthened the chances of further back injury are significantly reduced.

Join us for the perfect core training session. Sessions at Core Gymball are run by our team of physiotherapists, all with many years of experience in group core training. The Core Gymball studio, recently voted a finalist in the 2014 Local Business Awards, is the perfect place to get your back strong, and learn how to strengthen your core once and for all.

For full timetable available here. Bookings for all CORE classes essential, (02) 9545 0134.

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