Benefits of Core Training on a Ball

It is interesting to see more and more research coming out to support the benefits of exercising on a gymball. It is widely believed that “unstable training environments” such as gymballs reportedly enhance training effects through increased activation of stabiliser and core muscles compared to the more traditional ‘mat work’ done in pilates. Better strength and core stability is known to reduce back and neck pain and reduce injury risk.

Here are just a few interesting pieces of research to support the benefits of regularly bouncing on a ball:

  • Lower back pain in pregnancy is very common. A 2014 study of pregnant women found that a 12 week program of gymball exercise significantly reduced the occurrence of back pain and improved the quality of life for pregnant women. (Yan et al 2014)
  • Core stability training programs using gymballs showed significant improvements in core stability in both runners and swimmers. (Stanton et al 2004, Scibek et al 2001)
  • A study into rugby players showed that core stability training with a gymball resulted in fewer lower back and groin injuries. (Cusi et al 2001)
  • Use of a gymball for abdominal exercises results in the greatest activation of the abdominal muscles, to 90% of their maximum, which was significantly more than doing sit ups on the ground, reverse curls, leg lowering abdominal exercises or the ab roller curl up. (Clark et al 2003)

So there are a few great reasons to bounce onto a gymball!! For physiotherapist run classes in the Shire contact Natasha at Core Gymball (02) 9545 0134 or 0438 448 738 or email us here.

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